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Impulse Control Over Unwanted Emotional Drivers/Triggers/Cravings
The White Series of CDs are about creating impulse control in your mind at a subliminal level. It is done around the word and color, ‘White’. On the CDs you are programmed with the idea that whenever you see white, say white, or hear the word white, you will have the thought, the statement,’ I do things right’, go through your mind! Yes, White means ‘I do things right.’ So, all day long at a subliminal level whenever you are seeing anything White your Intelligence is returning to full consciousness where you are in full self-control, and make right choices.
People really love this part of the Positive Mind Management tools because it helps them do all kinds of good things, new things easily, seemingly automatic. If you are attempting to lose weight and you’re hesitating exercising, and you see a white piece of paper or white wall, what’s goes through your mind? ‘I do things right!’ It gives an internal motivation to get up and go exercise. If you are becoming a non-smoker and you see the white cigarette, the white cigarette itself reminds you, ‘I do things right’. This internal impulse programming becomes a counterbalance to any craving left to smoke. If you have had difficulty with pornography or other such maladaptive behaviors all throughout the day every time you see something white in your mind you are being reminded that you do things right and it keeps you in full consciousness where you make right decisions and choices. It does the same for food choices and every other thing we do in our lives. The CDs are very powerful behavioral modification change tools and you absolutely want to be listening to them.
Enhanced Self-Esteem and Personal Improvement CD

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"Dennis told me to listen to the White Series CDs every night when I went to bed. I did that, and the result was AMAZING. After listening just one night, I noticed a huge difference. My confidence and desire to change grew significantly. I’ve now been listening to the CDs every night for the last three months and I don’t know what I would do without them. "

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